Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best of Bruce's RANDOM VINYL PULLS!

Are you following Bruce on Twitter? No? Then you're missing out on his near-daily RANDOM VINYL PULLS. Ever since he's brought his record player into the office, he's bringing in one classic lost piece of vinyl after another. Here's some of what he's been playing--LOUDLY--around the office...

PhotobucketThe Vapors - NEW CLEAR DAYS: I swear, this is one THE most under-rated debuts of this era. Great songs all over!

Dirty Tricks - HIT'N'RUN: Borderline great mid 70s hard rock band with some classic tracks rooted 'in the times'!

Tin Huey - CONTENTS DISLODGED: Overlooked Akron band, late 70s new wave. All over the map in a most wonderful way.

The Specials - MORE: Wow! Not listened to this one in a very long time! Guess band is back together w/o Dahmers!

1910 Fruitgum Company - SPECIAL DELIVERY: Morning bubblegum music, nothing like it. Took gray mood, made yellow

Argent - ENCORE: Two-LP live set from mid 70s. Indulgent, meandering and pointless but I still kinda like it!


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