Monday, October 6, 2008

Louis's Latest Obsession: MALIBU!!!

Listen up: You NEED this record: Robo-Sapiens by MALIBU!!!


I know this might make me sound like a heretic, but, while I respect their work, I was only a passing fan of Jellyfish. Don't get me wrong--they are awesome, but, for me, I have always preferred the side-projects and production work of Roger Manning Jr. Does that make me bad?

The first time I got interested in his stuff was, when I was in middle school, a chubby Beatles-obsessed loser, buying Ringo Starr's TIME TAKES TIME album. Maybe being a thirteen-year-old excited about a new Ringo Starr album, in the early 90s, no less, didn't win me any popularity, but c'mon, have you heard the song "Weight of the World", feat. the Jellyfish kids? To this day it is one of my fave songs of all time...

See how awesome that song was? (When I first started working at NOT LAME a year or so ago, I made Bruce get a copy of that long out-of-print album--I don't know if he ever listened to it or not...)

My next Manning obsession was 1995's MOOG COOKBOOK project which, as novelty project as it first seemed, with them Moog-in' up songs like "Free Fallin'" and "Buddy Holly", was instumental in bring the Moog keyboard out of retirement and back into the (music geek) public consiousness. Here's their cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun"...

It got even more nerdier for me in 2000 when Manning, Jason Falkner and Brian Reitzell of Redd Kross got together to make a soundtrack to an imaginary sequel to one of my fave films of all time, LOGAN'S RUN. Titled LOGAN'S SANCTUARY, it was a space-age 70s blast that I beg you to track down--it's is way out of print, originally issued on the awesome Emporer Norton label.


Lately, his done work with Beck and is on the new increidble Glen Campbell album, (and of course his latest solo offering CATNIP DYNAMITE), but now I am totally obsessed with his new side-project Malibu. Teaming once again with his LOGAN'S crew, this is an all super-synthed-up album that is like Kraftwerk if they were produced by Giorgio Moroder and they decided to make an album you can dance to. To me, that is all you need to know. Listen to a song like "Bounce" and I dare you not to get off your chair and start jumping around the room. Don't let this one disappear under the radar too!


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