Monday, March 31, 2008

Mike Baron gets a few questions in with BRYAN SCARY!!!!

PhotobucketMany of you have by now read Mike Baron's glowing review of Bryan Scary's latest album, FLIGHT OF THE KNIFE. Mike was able to ask the always-busy Scary a few questions about this newest release...

MB: I take it your main ax is the piano. How and when did you start training?

BS: I started playing when I was seven. I took pretty casual lessons at first. There was a one year period where I took serious jazz and classical lessons, and many of my so-called chops were learned that year. But a great deal of my playing is self-taught.

MB: Do you compose on piano?

BS: I compose most of my songs on piano. Sometimes I'll use a guitar. I write differently on different instruments, and since I'm considerably more limited on guitar, guitar songs tend to come out simpler. Which can be a good thing! Not usually though.

MB: Whydja form the band?

BS: I formed the band to play shows, but also because I'm not particularly interested in being a solo artist. The first record was essentially an elaborate demo created to find like-minded musicians and start this band. The fact that the band uses my name actually makes me uncomfortable, but that's the way the cookie crumbled.

MB: What’s “Take a Stab at the Sun” about?

BS: It's about a mass suicide! But it's not necessarily as simple as that. I like to leave a lot up to the listener, as far as lyrics go. The final steps taken by a listener to complete the song's meaning let the lyrics take on hundreds of meanings, all related to but distinct from the one I intended.

PhotobucketMB: What’s “Bottom of the Grave” about?

BS: "Bottom of the Grave" is sung by a man to an ex-lover who died in an automobile accident of some sort. It's a pretty straight-forward lyric, but I hint at some details about their troubled past relationship. There's also the possibility that this man may not be quite right upstairs...

MB: Are you really playing Madison?

BS: We ARE playing Madison. I think the website is either incorrect or not updated yet. We're TRYING to play Denver and finding it hard to book, so stay tuned.

To hear sound clips or order a copy of this AWESOME new album, click here!


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